Fritz's Taxidermy Studio 

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Welcome to Fritz's taxidermy studio in Northern Colorado.  Are you tired of waiting for your taxidermist?  I know the feeling most hunters go through eager to get their trophies back from the taxidermist who sometimes take years to complete.  It has been this experience that makes me guarantee all my work back to the client within 9 months.  I only take on so many clients a year that way I can give the best service possible.  I have been doing taxidermy for over 3 years and have experience with all birds, big game shoulder mounts, small game and hide tanning.  Why wait on your local taxidermist when you can ship me your work from anywhere in the country?   My goal is to preserve your trophy and memories for a lifetime for an affordable price. 

3026 54th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634